Fidelity card

• 1- Specificities of the card:

-The loyalty card, is intended to provide the holders a number of benefits.

-It does not constitute a means of payment.

-It is strictly personal.

-It is free, personal, non-transferable.

-Only the expenses of the holder, open to him, the possibility of accumulating points or services.


• 2-Attribution

-Any person who makes a stay and who makes the request

• Either by mail, telephone or our contact form on our website.

• The card will be sent free of charge as soon as possible.

• In the absence of this one, all the points are counted.


• 3-Period of validity of our card

• No deadline.


• 4-Calculation of points and services

The points are accumulated at each stay.

The number of points is accumulated as and when stays or nights of the same customer.

5 welcome points

10 points for a sponsorship

From 100 € of expenditure whatever the period opens right to 1 points,

Only the hosting gives right to get point all services do not open any points of loyalty.

The sponsorship credits the loyalty account, provided that the godson pays a minimum stay of one week.

The accumulated points are intended to be converted into discount deducted during a stay in the off-season and by 10 points.

Scale: 10 points entitles you to a discount of 10% deducted on the amount of the stay.


Example of a calculation for a customer


-5 welcome points

-0 points of referral

-5 weeks to 1281 € to spend opens right to 12.81 points

-This customer totals 17 POINTS so he can use 10 points on his next stay he still has on his loyalty card 7.81 points that accumulates again during stays or overnight stays.

This guest enjoys 10% on his stay


5- various


Pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 78.17 of January 6, 1978, known as the "Data Protection and Freedom" Act, the holders have a right of access to information entered by computer, and a right to correct this information. , near the stone shelter and cottages.

The customer is entitled not to participate in the loyalty card.

He must notify us in writing and return his card. The loyalty points will be lost.

Any membership to the loyalty card implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions by our customers.

These conditions are valid for the 2012 season.

these conditions have been translated into several languages. In case of relative dispute between a holder and pierre and cottages, the parties undertake to seek priority a friendly settlement.

FRENCH LAW IS ONLY APPLICABLE. Any dispute or dispute that arises in the case of the present between the parties will be submitted to the competent courts of Guéret.

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