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Scenovision© Marion, a young country girl at the end of the 19th century and her son tell the story as they did in the olden days while sitting around a fire… Mysterious plants, the life of Creuse stonemasons, a liquor of incomparable taste, the Creuse countryside. A 1:40 show trail full of emotion that says a lot about the region. For a short time, become the confidante of captivating characters

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Tuilerie Pouligny eco-museum of the earth Fire, earth… but also water and, above all, know-how. In immense, architecturally astonishing buildings, Tuilerie de Pouligny (a former tile manufacturer) presents the (re)discovery of skills that have, for the most part, disappeared: tile maker, brick maker, potter, but also blacksmith, wheelwright, charcoal burner…

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The Electrification Museum As early as 1886, the pioneering town of Bourganeuf was one of the first electrified towns in France. The museum allows you to discover this event and the history of electricity. Notices, equipment and models help you understand the principles of creating electricity. Outside, a complete hydroelectric installation (restored to full working order) creates a visit interesting to everyone

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The Mine Museum Extracted from Bosmoreau les Mines from 1784 to 1958, the story of bituminous coal is told across seven rooms: tools, everyday objects, models, diorama… allowing the visitor to discover the skills, the techniques and the economic and social disruptions of the times. Path through the former mining sites.

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Diamond Cutter’s Cooperative A diamond epic due… to a river. From 1890 to 1982, millions of diamonds were cut on the banks of the Creuse in this former diamond cutting facility where there is a presentation of this activity and different cutting techniques. During the guided tour of this ancient workshop, share the history of the Felletin diamond-cutters

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Heritage House In the shadow of two impressive mediaeval towers, in a 17th century building, Heritage House presents an exhibition on hide and fur working and another on mediaeval châteaux and fortresses… A collection of skins, fur coats, felt hats and small equipment allows visitors to understand the importance of this activity that has made Crocq famous. A path of French English history - A walk towards the dolmen

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Masgot, the sculpted village A bust of a woman, a snake, Napoleon, a chimaera… François Michaud, 19th-century country-man, sculpted the stones around him: houses, vegetable plots, entrances to fields… For a long time forgotten, the site is now a Mecca for carving (French and English audio guide). Exhibition, stone working introduction and improvement courses for everyone.

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Art and Archaeology Museum An unsuspected wealth. A collection of works by Creuse Valley artists, Dutch, Flemish and French masters from the 15th to the 19th century; Limousin goldsmith treasures; pieces of Asiatic art; collection of Celtic and Gallo-Roman archaeology… All this in the beautiful Hôtel de la Sénatorerie (18th century).

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La Grange Brodée Sewing and embroidery are featured in this converted barn: collections of scissors, thimbles, old thread bobbins, boxes for embroidery necessities, checks, bodkins, samplers, christening gowns… Adorable children’s corner with doll’s tea parties and old games, reconstruction of an old rural house

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Aviation Museum Creuse Air Memorial Homage to Creuse aviators through different collections: models, photos, documents, medals… A hall dedicated to the memory of Maryse Bastie, room reproducing an aircraft cabin. Simulation of a flyover of the Creuse.

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Lepinat hotel - Guillaumin and the Creuse Valley Painters A complete history… relived through new technology : That of landscape painters discovering the Creuse Valley with their easels and tubes of paint… that of their encounters at the inn… that of their pictorial research… and the thousands of works of art revealing the diversity of their talent and the evolution of style through time…


Martin Nadaud Museography Space Martin Nadaud, the emblematic figure, is honoured in an entertaining and interactive museum created in the house where he was born. Detailing the extraordinary life of this passionate republican, the visit has been enriched for 2016 with new rooms dedicated to the Creuse stonemasons and showing country life in the 19th century through different tools, films and old documents


Doctor Jamot Centre Do you know the tsetse fly? Enter into the universe of Dr Eugène Jamot through exceptional archives and unique objects! Discover a man with an unusual destiny and his fight against major African diseases.

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Saint Austrille Feudal Mound In 1000AD, the site of La Tour-Saint-Austrille, on Aquitaine’s disputed border, was in the hands of a petty feudal seigneur, the land-grabbing Count of la Marche, and a community of canons. The village boasts three rare feudal mottes, plus Gallo-Roman, 10th and 15th century remains.


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Vélorail de la Mine An unusual ride, amusing and (a tiny) bit athletic… The rail bike uses the old railway line that transported coal. A10-km return trip between Bosmoreau and Bourganeuf. An original way of discovering the countryside with unique viewpoints: Thaurion Valley, a passage through a forest, across a viaduct, Zizim Tower and Bourganeuf…

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Beaupré ostriches Everything’s good in an ostrich ! Observe this strange animal and experience its multiple by-products: decorated eggs, leather goods, soap, meat… Sale of meat, sausages, terrines, fresh and decorated eggs, leather goods, cosmetics…

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Chaillot Asinerie For children … and all the family Catherine and Patrick welcome you to visit their farm to see the donkeys and also to have a chance to take care of them. It’s also possible to share homemade snacks after your visit.

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 Pays’Ane Farm Géraldine and François will share with you their passion for donkeys and their region. Itineraries specially selected for you allow you to discover, with friends or family, an authentic countryside of multiple dimensions… A marked map will guide you along the paths.

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The Monts de Guéret Giant Labyrinth The largest permanent plant labyrinth in the world as a leisure park ! 4.5 km of interlacing alleys covering 2.2 hectares… A giant playground with amusing riddles. Close to the exit a miniature farm as well as games for children and adults. Average time in the labyrinth: 1 hour. Possible to spend the whole day on site. The last entries are 1:30 before closing.

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 The wolves of Chabrières Observe the wolf in liberty… At the end of a lane, nestled amongst the undergrowth stands a palissade. Behind it you enter into the den of the Wolves of Chabrières. An unspoilt, wild nature where time has stood still. More than 45 grey, white and black wolves. Wild fauna. Miniature farm, museum space, film ‘Lobo, loup de Chabrières’ filmed in the Park over 4 seasons, guided visits.

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The Palais Bisons Bisons from the far West in a 50-hectare park, virtually free… Around 40 specimens took refuge in 2001 although they almost became extinct in the 19th century. Come and discover them right in the centre of their herd during a guided tour in a 4X4. On-site sales after the tour of by-products and bison meat.

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International City of tapestry The International City of Tapestry was born in response to the inscription of Aubusson Tapestry on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009. Open to the public in summer 2016 with a totally unique exhibition path, within the completely refurbished building of the former Aubusson National School of Decorative Arts.

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The Tapestry Weaver’s House See a tapestry woven, discover the interior of a weaver’s home - a 16th century turreted building - its period furniture, admire the ancient or modern masterpieces as well as their cartoons which are real paintings… Entertaining booklet for children.

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Terrade wool spinning Follow the thread and wool will no longer be a secret for you ! This small business transforms fleece into wool. Preparation of wool, carding, spinning, winding… Also visit the dyeing workshop and the magic of colours ; a precious know-how in tapestry country.

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Pinton Workshops Awarded the label «Living Heritage Company». From Oriental palaces to New-York galleries, this family company makes, to order, tapestries made on a on a low-warp loom known as ‘from Aubusson’. Since 1992, the Manufacture has diversified its production and creates magnificent carpets using the “hand tuft” technique;semi-mechanic production that opens the way to new creations. The guided tour of the Workshop allows a total immersion into a centuries-old, textile art.

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Manufacture Four Modern and contemporary tapestry weaving and design. Reproduction and restoration. Commission weaver for chairs… Collection of traditional and contemporary rugs (Savonnerie, Aubusson low-pile, Hand-Tufted). Made to measure. ‘Do-it-yourself’ tapestries. Cleaning.

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Atelier A2 France Odile, manager of Atelier A², create and produce modern carpets and tapestries respecting the know-how of Aubusson listed as world heritage by Unesco. She organises courses, leads artistic classes and is involved in professional training. Atelier A² is a training centre that allows the discovery, introduction and improvement in the art of weaving.

.Tapestry cartoons workshop-museum Tapestry cartoons are the models used by weavers for producing their tapestry. They are oils, gouaches, paintings after the classical themes of Boucher, Watteau, Fragonard, Oudry… Discover a collection of old cartoons, the reconstruction of a traditional workshop and visit the restoration workshop unique in France.

Oliverre Workshop The Oliverre Workshop is a place of creation where you’ll have the opportunity of immersing yourself into the fascinating history of stained-glass windows - from design to production. Rebecca Oliver, glass artist trained at the prestigious Olivier de Serres school in Paris, specialises in traditional glass painting. Discover the different stages of creation and the evolution of stained glass over the ages.

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Neolice Between ancient tradition and the digital revolution, Néolice uses an innovative procedure to create unique textile creations. Digital drawings replace the traditional cartoon in order to create made-to-measure productions. Workshop visits and presentation of the creative process.

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The old, medieval fortress of Crozant On a granite outcrop, the ruins of the fortress overlook the confluence of two rivers. Centre of the struggles between Lusignan, Capétien and Plantagenêt, idealised by George Sand, immortalised by the painters, the site is protected and classified as historical and natural heritage

Hommage moderne aux peintres de la Vallée de la Creuse et notamment Claude Monet venu peindre en 1889 les paysages uniques de Fresselines. L’Espace Monet Rollinat présente au rez-de-chaussée une nouvelle exposition sur le thème «Au détour d’un chemin». Violaine Abbatucci, invitée d’honneur, expose au 1er étage ses aquarelles lumineuses. Monet Rollinat Space A modern-day tribute to the Creuse Valley painters and particularly Claude Monet who came to paint in 1889 landscapes at Fresselines. The Monet Rollinat Space presents to the ground floor a new exhibition on the theme ‘A Turn in the Path’. Violaine Abbatucci, guest of honour, is exhibiting her radiant watercolours of the 1st floor.

Témoignage des châteaux marchois du XVème siècle, inscrit à l’Inventaire Supplé- mentaire des Monuments Historiques (ISMH), il domine de son éperon rocheux la rivière Creuse et le joli village aux maisons éparses. Chantemille Château Representative of 15th century Marche châteaux, listed as a historical monument (ISMH), it overlooks the river Creuse and the pretty village of scattered houses from its rocky spur.

Au cœur de cette cité médiévale fut spécialement construite une tour prison pour un prince venu d’Orient, Zizim, fils d’un puissant sultan ottoman. Enorme construction de sept niveaux dont vous ne regretterez pas d’avoir gravis les 99 marches jusqu’à la découverte de son impressionnante charpente. The Zizim tower and the medieval city In the medieval city, a prison tower was built to lock away a prince, Zizim, son of a powerful Ottoman Sultan. In this enormous tower, you’ll discover an impressive roof structure but first, you will have to climb the 99 steps!

Particulièrement impressionnant sur son éperon rocheux, lieu de séjour de George Sand qui y a découvert les célèbres tapisseries de la Dame à la Licorne, le château a été restauré avec un goût rare par ses actuels propriétaires. La visite se complète souvent par une présentation de collections originales (cannes, bénitiers,…) et d’expositions de qualité (tapisseries, tableaux,…). Château de Boussac Particularly impressive on its rocky spur, where George Sand stayed and discovered the famous tapestries of the Lady and the Unicorn, the Château has been restored with exquisite taste by its present owners. The visit often finishes with a presentation of original collections (canes, fonts…) and quality exhibitions (tapestries, paintings…).

Classé Monument Historique XVème, de discrets aménagements XVIIIème le rendent aimable. Sur un site antique : «ancien grand chemin Guéret-Clermont», il protège Ahun à l’Est. Un texte de 1425 dit : «Il y a tout ce qu’il faut pour forteresse à Villemonteix». Habité, meublé, on y trouve en situation une collection de tapisseries anciennes (Aubusson, Felletin, Gobelins, Beauvais, Flandre, Ferrare), un mobilier d’époque, le double Pleyel de Béatrice de Camondo et des collections diverses. Villemonteix Château Listed as a 15th century Historic Monument, discreet refurbishments in the 18th century made it comfortable. On an ancient site: «the former grand Guéret-Clermont way», it protects Ahun to the east. A text dating from 1425 states: ‘everything you need for a fortress is in Villemonteix’. Lived in, furnished, there’s a collection of old tapestries (Aubusson, Felletin, Gobelins, Beauvais, Flander, Ferrare), furniture of the period, Béatrice de Camondo’s double Pleyel and various collections.

Ultimes vestiges d’un puissant château fort du XIIème siècle, les deux tours offrent un splendide panorama sur le Limousin et l’Auvergne. Une table d’orientation couronne le sommet de l’une. Deux salles présentent une histoire des travaux de restauration et accueillent des expositions saisonnières. Crocq Towers The last remains of a powerful castle, a sumptuous panorama is visible from the two towers. At their feet, Heritage House. An orientation table crowns the top of one. Two rooms recount the story of the restoration works and welcomes seasonal exhibitions.

Occupé pendant 250 ans par l’illustre famille de la Roche-Aymon, propriétaire de nombreux châteaux en Creuse. Architecture militaire agrémentée à l’intérieur de boiseries sculptées par Simon Bauer, le maître sculpteur du Moutier-d’Ahun au XVIIème siècle. Le domaine appartint également au Général d’Espagne de 1800 à 1805. Chet de Barmont Chateau Inhabited for 250 years by the famous Roche-Aymon family, owner of numerous chateaux in the Creuse. Military architecture embellished inside with panelling carved by Simon Bauer, the 17th century master carver of Moutier-d’Ahun. The estate was once owned by General Espagne from 1800 to 1805.

« Mémoire de toutes les déportations » Lafayette et Droits de l’Homme. Le château, la chapelle et le puits sont inscrits à l’Inventaire SMH. Deux pièces sont classées MH. Dans l’ancienne chapelle de ce château où Lafayette passa une partie de son enfance, des « vitraux-tapisserie » créés par Jean Fourton, Jean-François Guinot, Bernard Battu et Michel Cancalon pour la Déportation et des expositions pour les Droits de l’Homme. Création d’un Parc de la Mémoire. Margeleix Château «In memory of all deportations» Lafayette and Human Rights. The château, the chapel and the wells are registered in the list of S.M.H. 2 rooms are classified as HM. In the former chapel of this chateau where Lafayette spent some of his childhood,“windows tapestries” by Jean Fourton, Jean-François Guinot, Bernard Battu and Michel Cancalon for the Deportation and exhibitions on Human Rights. Creating a Memory Park.

Découvrez la vie rurale au XIXème siècle à travers une collection d’outils, d’objets domestiques et de véhicules anciens mis en scène à l’intérieur des bâtiments datant des XVIème et XVIIème siècles classés aux Bâtiments de France. Autour d’une fontaine, visitez le jardin à la française de fleurs vivaces, de fruits rouges, de plantes aromatiques. Promenez-vous dans les bois en suivant les 3 parcours fléchés. Accès au jardin et au parcours après visite guidée. Banizette Estate Discover real XIXth century rural life through a collection of tools, domestic objects and old vehicles displayed inside buildings dating from the XVIth and XVIIth centuries listed on the French landmark register. Around a fountain, visit the French formal garden of hardy flowers, red fruit and aromatic plants. Go for a walk in the woods along the 3 marked trails. Access to the garden and walks after guided tour.

Une tour pour le spectacle. Longtemps oubliée, la Tour de Bridiers sert chaque été de décor à une gigantesque fresque son et lumière. Le donjon du château et son jardin médiéval se visitent. Bridiers Tower A tower for the show. For a long time forgotten, Bridiers Tower is now used every summer as the backdrop of a giant sound and light fresco. The Château keep and its mediaeval garden can be visited.

Des cailloux de géants. Les Pierres Jaumâtres, une quarantaine d’énormes blocs de granit, se dressent au sommet du Mont Barlot dans un improbable équilibre. Lieu de sacrifices ? Grand autel des druides ? Berceau du Diable ? Le site (classé), lieu de promenade prisé de George Sand et de Chopin, offre une vue panoramique sur le Berry, le Bourbonnais et la Vallée de Boussac. Pierres Jaumâtres are an extraordinary collection of granite rocks of remarkable sizes and shapes. The stones provide a fantastic ambiance from the times of King Arthur to the present. Wonderful views of the Berry, the Bourbonnais and the Boussac Valley.

Landes, tourbières, cascades et moulins se succèdent dans cet espace sauvage de 50 hectares caractéristique du Plateau de Millevaches. Sentier d’interprétation et, pour les enfants, jeu de piste disponible (1€) à l’Office de Tourisme de Bourganeuf ou au point d’accueil de Royère-de-Vassivière. Augerolles Waterfalls Moors, peat bogs, waterfalls and mills follow one another in this 50-hectare wild space characteristic of the Plateau de Millevaches. Interpretation trail and, for the children, a treasure hunt in French, is available as is a topographical guide, at the Bourganeuf Tourist Office or Royère de Vassivière Tourist Information.

Foisonnement de plantes sauvages, fleurs des jardins de grand-mère et arbustes rares en « semi-liberté » ; mille couleurs et parfums au creux des collines pâturées. Pause pique-nique sur le chemin de randonnée, observations naturalistes, échange de plantes, peinture, photo, découverte botanique… Collection de roses anciennes. La Sagne Garden A profusion of wild plants, cottage garden flowers and rare bushes in ‘relative liberty’; thousands of colours and perfumes nestling amongst grazed hills. A picnic on the side of a hiking trail, Nature observations, plant exchange, paintings, photos, botanical discoveries… Collection of antique roses

L’Arboretum du Lys a maintenant huit ans. Sa visite vous fera découvrir ses cent vingt espèces d’arbres et arbustes dont une collection de cornouillers et d’arbres dits remarquables. Il se trouve dans un véritable petit écrin de verdure. Après cette visite, une exposition sur les minéraux sera prête à vous accueillir. Lys Arboretum Lys Arboretum is now eight years old. During the visit you’ll discover its 120 species of trees and shrubs including a collection of dogwoods and trees considered remarkable. It nestles in a truly green setting. After the visit, an exhibition of minerals awaits you.

Val Maubrune est situé à 8 km à l’ouest de Guéret, sur la D914. Le jardin (3,2 ha) est construit dans un grand vallon, sous les arbres, où jouent l’ombre et la lumière. Les plantes ont été choisies pour s’harmoniser dans un climat de douceur et de sauvagerie en partie conservée. De nombreux bancs ponctuent la promenade et invitent au repos. L’ensemble a été conçu pour créer la surprise et susciter l’émotion. Val Maubrune Garden Val Maubrune is situated 8 km west of Guéret on the local road D914. The garden (3,2 ha) has been created in a large valley, under the trees where light and shade play. The plants have been chosen to harmonise with each other in a gentle climate and a partially preserved wilderness. Numerous benches line the walk; inviting places to rest. The whole thing has been designed to create surprises and engender emotions.

Vallon aux 400 espèces et aux 1 000 couleurs… Dans un cadre idyllique de six hectares bordés par la Sédelle, un arboretum d’une extraordinaire richesse. Collection d’Erables, de cornouillers, tilleuls, rhododendrons, liquidambars… Agréé par le CCVS (Conservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées) labellisé «Jardin Remarquable» depuis 2002. Les tarifs d’entrée et les horaires d’ouverture sont modifiables les jours d’évènements (journées des plantes, concerts…). Sédelle Arboretum Small valley of 400 species and 1000 colours… In an idyllic setting of six hectares along the banks of the Sédelle, an extraordinarily rich arboretum*. Collection of maples, dogwoods, limes, rhododendrons, liquidambars… *Recognised by the CCVS Conservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées), labelled “Remarkable Garden” since 2002. Entry prices and times can change when there are events organised (plant days, concerts…).

Vous découvrirez en compagnie du propriétaire, une succession de 8 clos intimistes aux atmosphères différentes, plantés autour d’une ancienne forge du XIXème siècle. Ils sont reliés par une prairie humide où poussent en semiliberté des essences de la flore locale et des espèces horticoles plus rares. Clos du Préfons Gardens Accompanied by the owner, discover 8 intimate enclosures with different environments planted around a former 19th century forge. They’re linked by wet rasslands where local plant species and rarer horticultural species grow in «relative liberty»

Comme un écho de la chapelle… Une structure en bois qui suggère le volume de l’ancienne chapelle des Pénitents blancs, des allées de pierres symbolisant la croix… Un magnifique jardin couvre les ruines. Les végétaux plantés sont tous de floraison blanche (en saison), faisant écho à la couleur de la confrérie. La nuit, la mise en lumière donne vie au jardin. Chapelle Blanche Garden Like an echo of the chapel… A wooden structure that hints at the volume of a former chapel of White Penitents, the stone paths symbolise the cross… A magnificent garden covers the ruins. All the plants in the garden produce white flowers (in season), echoing the colour of the fraternity. At night, lights give life to the garden.

Conçus pour l’observation sensible et scientifique, Jardins en marche est un espace de découverte recelant une grande diversité botanique. Autour d’une ferme centenaire, les plantes sauvages côtoient les espèces exotiques mises en scène avec des maté- riaux traditionnels du Limousin, bois, granit, porcelaine dans un espace de 3500 m² très architecturé. Jardins en Marche Created for sensitive and scientific observation, Jardins en Marche is a discovery space containing significant botanic diversity. Surrounding a centuries-old farm, wild plants mix with exotic species in a 3500 m², structured setting of traditional Limousin materials: wood, granite and porcelain.

Monumental, puissant, romantique ! De vastes espaces entourent l’arboretum où se déploient conifères d’ornement - dont la fameuse plantation de séquoias - et feuillus centenaires indigènes ou exotiques. Des jardins accueillent arbustes rares, vivaces et rosiers grimpants. Partout l’air embaume de parfums puissants. Un parc créé par des artistes pour accueillir artistes et expositions culturelles. Tancognaguet Park Colossal, powerful, romantic! Large spaces surround the arboretum where decorative conifers are displayed – most notably the famous sequoia plantation – and indigenous and exotic centuries-old broad-leaved trees. The gardens are a haven for rare shrubs, perennials and climbing roses. Everywhere the air is drenched with powerful fragrances. A park created by artists to welcome artists and cultural exhibitions.

Accordez-vous des instants précieux à EVAHONA, labellisé Spa de France. Idéalement situé, notre Centre de Bien-être permet une parenthèse agréable dans nos journées bien chargées. Un véritable cocon de 350 m² pour vous ressourcer seul, en couple ou entre amis. Profitez de la chaleur du hammam, du sauna, du jacuzzi, ou encore des modelages, soins visages et corps, gommages, soins esthétiques. Avec notre nouveau partenaire Sothys, ou encore la venue de notre sophrologue pour vous initier à la relaxation, offrez-vous une bulle de douceur ! Evahona well-being centre Offer yourself some precious moments at EVAHONA, carrying the Spa de France label. Ideally situated, our Well-Being Centre allows you to enjoy pleasurable moments in your well-filled days. A real 350 m² cocoon where you can destress alone, with a loved one or with friends. Take advantage of the heat in a hammam, a sauna, a Jacuzzi or the face and body treatments, scrubbing treatments and beauty care. With our new Sothys Partner, or the coming of our sophrologist to introduce you to relax, treat yourself to a peaceful oasis !

Un casino insolite au carrefour des régions Auvergne, Centre et Limousin. 50 machines à sous de 1 cents à 2€, 25 machines « Vintage », 25 machines modernes, machines à jetons, pièces, billets et carte players. Table Texas Hold’em Poker, Black Jack, roulette anglaise. Pièce d’identité ou carte Players Plus et majorité absolue obligatoires pour accéder à l’espace jeux. Poker. An unusual casino An unusual casino located where 3 regions touch: the Auvergne, Centre and the Limousin. 50 slot machines from 1 cent to €2, 25 ‘vintage’ machines, 25 modern machines, game machines accepting tokens, coins, notes and players’ cards. Texas Hold’em Poker Table, Blackjack, English roulette. Piece of identity or Players Plus card and be over 18 is obligatory to access the games area. Poker

Le plein de sensations… à votre rythme ! En famille ou entre amis, 2 heures d’aventure dans les arbres, au pied du site naturel des Pierres Jaumâtres (c.f.p.38) grâce à 55 ateliers aériens (tyroliennes, lianes, ponts de singe, passerelles), jeux gonflables, balades à poney, trampolines et un parcours spécial pour les jeunes enfants. Sur place: restaurant, mini-golf. Laser game extérieur. Adventure in the trees Discover a different form of exercices and fun in the trees at Châlet des Pierres Jaumâtres ! A different way of enjoying yourself as a family or with friends; two hours of adventure in the trees at the foot of Pierres Jaumâtres; 55 aerial activities: rope bridges, Tarzan vines, monkey bridges, walkways, inflatable games, pony rides, trampolines and a special circuit for the very young. On-site: restaurant, mini golf. Outdoor laser game. 

Le site VTT/FFC des Monts de Guéret vous propose 35 circuits balisés (de vert à noir). Dénivelé de 70 à 2745 m. Circuits de 8 à 40 km + Le Tour des Monts de Guéret de 140 km. Kilométrage total : 720 km. Pour varier le type de pratique, 2 pistes de descente permanentes, des circuits de VTT orientation, une piste de 4X4 ainsi que des zones de trial vous sont également proposées. Retrouvez tous nos circuits sur notre site ou Possibilité de location VTT (randonnée et enduro) toute l’année. Monts de Guéret MTB/Hybrid Bike Site The Monts de Guéret French Cycling Federation MTB Space has 30 marked circuits (from green to black) on offer. Altitude change from 70 to 2745 m. Circuits from 8 to 40 km + the Monts de Guéret Tour of 140 km. Total distance: 696 km. To vary the type of cycling, 2 permanent downhill tracks, MTB orientation circuits, a 4X track as well as trial zones are also on offer. Find all our circuits on or Possibility to rent VTT (hiking and enduro) all year.

Des circuits plats et roulants aux sentiers techniques et sinueux, chaque pratiquant, du néophyte à l’expert, trouvera un circuit correspondant à ses attentes. L’étendue du centre permettra aux adeptes des longues distances, de se concocter de véritables étapes marathon. 43 circuits (de vert à noir). Dénivelé de 75 à 655 m. Circuits de 4 à 47 km. Kilométrage total : 840 km Pays Ouest Creuse MTB Space From flat and rolling to technical and winding circuits, each rider whether neophyte or expert, will find their ideal circuit. The spread out centre allows lovers of long distances to create real marathon stages. 43 circuits (from green to black). Altitude change from 75 to 655 m. 4 to 47 km circuits. Total distance: 840 km.

Golf sportif et technique, 9 trous par 32 (travaux d’agrandissement réalisés en 2009). Practice 6 postes dont 3 couverts, bunkers d’entraînement, putting green, location de matériel. Arrosage automatique des greens et départs. Convient à tous niveaux de jeu, abonnements, un livret de parcours est remis aux joueurs. Vue panoramique exceptionnelle. Bourganeuf Golf Athletic and technical golf, 9 holes par 32 (enlarging works carried out in 2009). 6 practice posts (3 covered), training bunkers, putting green, material rental. Automatic watering of greens and departure points. Suitable for all playing levels, subscriptions, a course booklet is given to players. Exceptional panoramic view.

2 parcours : un 18 trous, Par 72 et un compact 3 trous pitch and putt, Par 9. Toutes les installations d’entraînement accueillent les golfeurs, du débutant au joueur confirmé, dans un site plein d’authenticité avec de beaux obstacles naturels rendant les formules de jeu très attrayantes. Une salle de séminaires-réceptions de 20 à 60 personnes permet de recevoir professionnels et convives, sur le site, au centre des bâtiments du golf. Jonchère Golf 2 courses: 18 holes Par 72 and a compact 3 holes pitch and putt, Par 9. All the training facilities welcome golfers, from beginners to experienced, in a magnificent setting where beautiful, natural obstacles make the game very attractive. One seminar/ reception room for 20 to 60 people is available for professionals and their guests in the centre of the buildings.

Ferme Arc en Ciel ....C4 Ferme pédagogique et Ferme découverte. Cécile et Didier vous accueillent aux portes de Guéret pour vous faire découvrir la richesse de sa ferme. En famille, en groupe ou entre amis, vous y découvrirez les chèvres, les vaches limousines et la vache laitière Rusée, les cochons nains et pleins d’autres animaux encore. Pour les enfants, vous pourrez découvrir la ferme tout en participant à la «Grande chasse au trésor de Rusée» et les plus grands découvriront la ferme et tous ses secrets. Vente directe à la ferme de volailles et de viande bovine (sur réservation). Arc en Ciel Farm Educational Farm and Discovery Farm. In the Creuse countryside, Cécile and Didier welcome you to help you discover their farm treasures. With your family, in a group or with friends, will discover the goats, the Limousin cows, Rusée (crafty) the dairy cow, the miniature pigs and many other animals. Children can discover the farm while taking part in «Rusée’s big treasure hunt» while «older children» discover the farm and all its secrets. Sale on the farm of poultry and beef (on request).

Marchés réguliers


MARDI :Bénévent l’Abbaye Place de la République MATIN 

JEUDI matin :Dun le Palestel Place du Champ de Foire, Guéret Place Bonnyaud,La Souterraine Place d’Armes

Samedi matin :Guéret Place Bonnyaud et Place du Marché,La Souterraine Place d’Armes